Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here's the invisible cat with her owl-eyes look.

Not much is new because we’ve been flu-ish. People said, “Aren’t you enjoying this great sunny weather?” Ummm.. no. Grandpa Bill or I (and sometimes both of us at the same time) have been contagious with something or other since just after Christmas. It seems to take a lot of time to get anything useful done!
And when I did, it was sometimes overdue, so things had to go out the door fast. I made 14 quilts and someone else made two. They filled four big black plastic garbage bags. They’re now in Kansas City (look it up on a map. Hint: it’s not in Kansas!) and they’re going to make 16 people warmer when they get their very own blankies.

We had almost enough warm weather to melt the snow. Not quite enough. And then it turned around and snowed. Apparently we’re getting lake effect snow this time.
Here’s a terrible thing Grandpa Bill did. He told someone the temperature had dropped 80 degrees overnight, from 65 to 20. Oops! Fortunately, he made that observation to a fellow scientist. Unfortunately, we were all at a funeral when he said that. Fortunately, everyone else was too pre-occupied to figure out what was wrong with his mathematics. Unfortunately, the other scientist figured out that when you take 20 from 65 you have… a lot less than an 80 degree drop…. Right?

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