Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grandpa Bill had a heart incident a few weeks ago - first his heart was beating really fast, then it slowed down so much he felt dizzy. So we spent two days in the hospital getting tests, doing fun stuff like having various things attached to his chest, and afterwards pulled off taking lots of fuzz with it. He lost more hair from that experience than the cat has been shedding, and that's saying a lot.

But the garden has been suffering, which made him feel even worse. so last week, David and great grand-dog Ausable came over to help. Sable blew out her other knee, making her as gimpy as the rest of us; what you see here is Grandpa trying to wrestle a tennis ball out of her mouth. She really likes to have the ball thrown to her, but because of her knee, you can't throw it so she's got to chase it. She's basically got to chase it sitting still.

Midway through the afternoon, David and Grandpa disappeared in the truck, coming back with wood for the compost pile of Grandpa's dreams. David did all the hammering while Bill supervised. I helped hold boards, but David did the heavy work. Now, thanks to David, the fence is up, tomatoes and corn are planted, the compost pile is the prettiest one in all of Hector. Also the planter at the front of the house is finally draining water - we had six inches of rain fermenting in it until we dumped it over, drilled holes and refilled it. Actually David refilled it -he took about 5 minutes to do what would have taken me an hour.

The next day, David came and took Grandpa fishing.
Thanks, Dave - you really are one of the greatest!